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Choosing a burial funeral plan

Supporting you in making the right decision

A decision on burial or cremation is often a personal choice, which can be based on family tradition, cultural or religious needs, or the final wishes of the person who’s died.


A burial can take place with or without people being present. If a funeral service is chosen beforehand, the people who attend can also opt to watch the coffin being lowered into the grave at a separate ceremony after the main service.

Central Funeral Plans

Central Co-op fulfil the funerals that Central Co-op Funeral Plans promise to deliver in the future. Our plans offer a choice of burial options that include:


A traditional burial – including any cultural, religious, or non-faith needs.


A burial in a woodland setting – for those whose love for the planet includes a more eco-friendly farewell.


A burial at sea – if they lived on the coast, made their living from the sea or sailed across the oceans, we can include these wishes alongside a funeral plan

When the time comes

A burial can be arranged once you have the certificate for burial after registering the death. If a coroner is involved and there’s an inquest, an order of burial form will be provided once the coroner completes their duties.


Burials and the environment

A burial has less impact on the environment compared to a cremation, as energy and pollution are far lower.

Central Funeral Plans

The cost of a burial

A funeral plan for burial doesn’t include the cost of buying a burial plot, the fees to open/reopen a grave or a headstone or other stonemasonry items. Our brochure and terms and conditions offer you a full list of things to bear in mind so that there are no surprises when the time comes.


How to buy a burial plot

Most sites in the UK are owned by a local authority or a church, so you can contact the owner to learn more about availability and cost. When you buy a plot, you’re not buying it forever, but you’ll have exclusive right of burial for a set number of years to come. While it’s yours, no one else can be buried in the plot, but at the end of the lease/deed this right will come to an end.

Central Funeral Plans

When’s the right time to buy a burial plot?

There’s a shortage of space for burials in the UK, so it’s a good idea to buy a plot before the time comes and to ensure that family members can be buried near to each other, if that’s something that matters to you.


What happens when it’s time to arrange the funeral?

You'll need to contact our Plan administration team, and they’ll help to redeem the funeral plan and ensure that the Central Co-op funeral home that is named in the plan has all the information needed to support with the next important steps.

Still have questions?

If you'd to speak to one of our team, you can call us on 01543 421378 or fill in our contact form application, we'd be happy to help.